Fire Marshal

Dave Favinger

Reminder to all residents:
Anytime I am performing duties in the borough of Upland or outside the borough I will be in a uniform of some sort or will display a gold badge and photo identification. Do not hesitate to ask for identification!

Duties of office:
Inspection of all commercial properties located in the boundaries of Upland Borough. In accordance with the Upland Borough Code these inspections shall be done no less than once a year. All business or property owners will; be charged a fee for the first inspection but shall not be charged for any follow inspection unless there is a violation found during the inspection and we must return to follow up on corrections being made to remove the violation. In accordance with the Borough Fire Code our office can issue non-traffic state citations for any fire/safety hazard we find which does not comply with state or local laws or ordinances.

To investigate any and all fires which occur within the boundaries of the Borough where property has been damaged or destroyed by fire. I shall determine the cause of fire and if the fire was carelessness, accidental or arson.

The investigation will begin as reasonably possible after the occurrence of the fire incident. I shall take charge of all physical evidence and shall notify the proper authorities designated by state or local laws to assist in collection of evidence or conduct interviews. The assisting authorities shall also aid in the prosecution or any person involvement in intentionally setting a fire where property has been damaged or destroyed and or there was a loss of life.

I will provide a written report to the Borough Council within 30 days after occurrence of any fire incident requiring assistance. The report shall include but not be limited to facts relating to the investigation of the fire incident. I along with the Fire Chief and Police Chief shall be in charge of any and all press releases relating to the fire incident.

I have a very close working relationship with the Upland Fire Company, Upland Police Department and its borough officials. We are a separate from the Upland Fire Company. Our office is on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Thanks to the first ever Fire Marshall mutual aid agreement, anytime I am not available to assist the fire company should they need my assistance at a fire scene other local fire marshals can respond to our locale and begin the investigation. There are times where I will go to other municipalities to assist with an investigation as well.

In the event any resident may have any fire or safety questions they can reach me at our office number (610) 874-7317. If I am not available, please leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Remember, if it is an emergency dial 911!

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