“The Community Affairs Committee” will be sponsoring a Carnival at Bristol Lord Field beginning on Tuesday, May 20th through Saturday, May 24th 2014. All proceeds go to the Community Affairs Committee.

Historical Commission

Councilman Ray Peden has been asked by council to serve as “acting” chairman of the Historical Commission until the five (5) permanent members have been appointed, by council resolution, and the chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary have been duly elected.

Ray is requesting that all citizens of the borough who have an interest in the history of the community, and who might like to be considered for membership on the Upland Historical Commission, or would just like more information about what is required of the Historical Commission members, please attend the Public information meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, at the MacQueen Hall. You can also call Ray at 610-476-9541 (cell) or at home at 610-876-0516, and you can also refer to Chapter 15 in the borough code for more details.

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