Historical Documents

In order to preserve our historical data, Borough Council had all the minutes and ordinances beginning from the incorporation of the Borough of Upland (1869) copied and stored on CD’s.  Periodically, we will download some of these historical documents that were scanned for viewing.  The documents are in a PDF format.

1883 Minutes
July 14th through December

Please click the link to view the minutes from July 14th 1883 through December 3rd 1883.  A meeting was held on August 6th in which:

On Motion it was resolved the grade of Upland Ave. be established to conform to the grade of the Chester Street Rail Way as the tracks are now laid and the line of the top of the curb shall be 6” above the top of the track.

1883 Minutes
May through July 5th

Please click the link to view the minutes from May 7th 1883 through July 5th 1883. A special meeting was held on May 11th in which:

On Motion of J.P. Crozer Sec.: 1st of Ordinance was amended by inserting a clause allowing the Chester R.R. Co the exclusive right to construct a rail way track on Kerlin St. to the borough line.  On Motion of Mr. Castle the Section 13 limiting the fare charge to 5? was stricken out.

1883 Minutes
January through April

Please click the link to view the minutes from January 1st 1883 through April 2nd 1883.  A meeting was held on March 5th in which:

The amount of funds available to the treasurer not being sufficient to meet the bills ordered paid. Mr. S. A. Crozer offered to lend the Boro five hundred dollars without interest. It was a motion resolved that Mr. Crozer’s offer be accepted.

1882 Minutes
February through December

Please click the link to view the minutes from February 6th 1882 through December 11th 1882. A meeting was held on June 5th in which:

Committee Health reported that Borough in fair sanitary condition with the exception of a slight trouble in the neighborhood of 8th & Church Streets an inquiry and abatement being promised.

Click link(s) to view Historical Minutes:

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