Upland AC

In 1962, fifteen men decided to organize a softball team in Upland . A meeting was held to discuss how to raise the necessary money. A fund raising campaign was begun and the group was off and running. That early success led to organizing the Upland Athletic Club that had a diverse and well-rounded sports program for the Borough of Upland.

The year of 1963 was also successful and the group decided to expand its activities to include the youth of Upland . During that year, baseball and basketball were started and the club organized its structure with its first officers. Robert Hartman was elected president and led the club on a recruiting campaign to expand its membership. Under the prodding and leadership of Jerry McClintock, the club organized and sponsored two football teams to begin competition in the fall of 1964. On September 25, 1964, the Upland Athletic Club was granted a charter in the County Court of Media.

Early meetings were held in the American Legion Home, Municipal Building , and Upland Baptist Church . The borough provided space in the borough garage which was converted to a meeting room and used for a few years. During those early years, the club was beset by financial difficulties. But with all members working very hard on various projects, things began to look brighter around the beginning of 1963. The club decided to acquire its own property and continued to expand its program.

In addition, the Athletic Club assists the community with Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th activities, and helps needy families during the Christmas season.

The Upland Athletic Club is proud to serve the youth and community in the Borough of Upland. The purpose of the club is to sponsor, encourage and provide juvenile opportunities and to assist our community in preserving and strengthening the American Way of Life.

Fifteen Charter Members:
Joe Boyle
James McClintock
Ed Lowthert
Robert Hartman
Wallace (Peck) Bozman
Hugh Moore
Joe Crowley
Alfred Howett
Gerald McClintock
Robert Mullaney
Robert Johonnett
Edward Rostron
Thomas Kleber
Nat Stinson
William Laird

Photo Gallery

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