On Saturday, 10/28/17: The “Annual Youth Halloween Party” will be held at MacQueen Hall between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. for borough youth up to 13 years of age. Music, refreshments and prizes for best costume! Must provide your Upland Borough ID card or proof of residence for entrance.

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How to Beat the Heat this Summer

For many people, the summer months are a source of happiness. It’s always fun to join your family for a picnic, enjoy a walk through the neighborhood or spend an evening sitting on your front porch. However, as the temperature climbs, so does the risk of heat-related illnesses and injuries – especially for children, seniors and those with chronic health problems.

What Happens After Your Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

The conversation you have with your doctor to learn about your abnormal mammogram results can be one of the toughest of your life. However, an abnormal mammogram result does not necessarily mean you have breast cancer. And if you do have breast cancer, it’s by no means a death sentence.

How to Talk to Kids About Tragic Events

In today’s world, tragedy is hard to escape. We are constantly exposed to media coverage of the latest terrorist attack, mass shooting, or bombing. And though we try our best to protect them, our children are, too. Deciding if, how, and when to talk to children about tragic events is a dilemma that many parents face.

Hemochromatosis: The Danger of Too Much Iron in Your Blood

Many people have heard of a condition called anemia, which occurs when you don’t have enough iron in your blood. However, you may not have heard of hemochromatosis, a genetic metabolic disease that affects up to one million people in the United States. People with hemochromatosis have too much iron in their blood and body, which can lead to a variety of health problems, contribute to the formation of several diseases, and even lead to death if left untreated.

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What Do You Know about Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Chlamydia, herpes and gonorrhea are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Millions of new STD infections occur in the U.S. each year, according to the CDC. Take this quiz to find out more about STDs, as well as how to protect yourself from them.

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