Scam Alert!!

Attention Upland Borough Residents:

On July 14, 2015, a resident of Upland Borough alerted the Upland Borough Police Department to an international lottery scam. The resident received a letter in the mail  which was titled: “INTL, LOTARIA CLASSICA COMMISSION”. The letter addressed the resident as a “STAKE WINNER” and informed them that they had won a large sum of money. This letter is a scam, there is no such “WORLD LOTTERY”.

The Upland Borough Police Department aims to inform and educate the public of such scams and practices.  “Lottery scams work by persuading the victim to send money in order to claim a prize such as cash, a trip, or other item(s) of value. The scam artist, who may be posing as a foreign government or lottery official, tells the victim the money is needed to cover insurance, security or other costs associated with disbursing the prize. Bank account or social security numbers may also be requested in order to “verify” the winner’s identity. However, the prize never comes and the scam artist makes off with the victim’s money and their identity as well.”

  • Be suspicious of anyone who says you’ve won something, especially if you don’t remember entering a contest.
  • It is against federal law to buy foreign lottery tickets by phone or mail.
  • Legitimate lotteries and sweepstakes do not require winners to pay money before claiming a prize.
  • If you receive an article in the mail or online that you believe to be suspicious, please contact the Upland Borough Police Department.
  • “SCAM ALERT!” literature is available in the lobby at the Upland Borough Police Department.
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